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The Top Quotes from Business Squared

Just over a week ago, VaynerMedia’s Co-Founder & CEO and massive digital influencer, Gary Vaynerchuk, headlined Business Squared 2017 in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne.

The sold out program also featured dynamic super achievers like Boost CEO & “Shark” Janine Allis, MyBudget’s Tammy Barton, Shoes of Prey’s Jodie Fox, Mega-entrepreneur Creel Price & more.

We’ve collected some the best grabs of their invaluable content below.


Gary Vaynerchuk, Co-Founder & CEO, VaynerMedia, best-selling author, investor, global speaker

“If you have one move, when the market figures it out you’re finished.”

“We play the game where we want to achieve short-term success to impress others when we should be thinking long term.”

“There’s way too many people that are in the excuse business, but the problem is; the world doesn’t care.”

“If you were smart enough to be here today and I mean this – the fact that you came here today, puts you so far ahead of everybody else.”

“If you’re not spending 65% of your marketing budget on Facebook ads & Instagram ads and influencers, you’re leaving money on the table.

“Watch what I’m doing, not what I’m saying.”

“What everybody should be doing is deploying self-awareness and; figuring out who they are, quadrupling down on what they’re good at, and trying to get resources to support what they suck at.”

“Learn how to swim with the tsunami coming. Tech is not a sector, it is oxygen. You have to adjust to the reality of social media and digital marketing.”


Janine Allis, Boost Juice Founder & Shark Tank Mentor

“You have to love your customer.”

“Unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. If you don’t like people, don’t be in the customer business.”

“You have to love your customer no matter what you do.”

“People are people. We’re all here to achieve a goal. We all have the same fears, dreams. We all have the same playing field.”


Tammy Barton, Founder and Director of MyBudget

“If it’s not a ‘hell yes’ then it is a no.”

“Think of yourself as a green tomato. When you’re green, you have room to grow. When you’re a red tomato, you’ll just rot.”

“If it’s not a ‘hell yes’ then it is a no. You can get completely distracted in achieving your goals if you say yes to everything.”

“In the early years, I went into the office and I noticed that the flowers had been changed and I was pissed off that no one had consulted me. Then I thought ‘Are you serious, Tammy? Does everything have to go through you? You hired good people, delegate.”

“Hiring people that align with your values is important. You can’t teach someone to care.”


Jodie Fox, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Shoes of Prey

“OMG! I’m the target market!”

“Don’t let your expertise get in the way of a good idea.”

“Don’t let the fear of failure make the decision.”

“You will learn more on the first day of doing than months of planning!”

“OMG! I’m the target market! I don’t watch online videos, I prefer business magazines and Vogue. I realised our customer isn’t where we thought!”


Creel Price, Entrepreneur, educator, author, angel investor, social change agent

“Don’t plan things to death”

“Being in business is a lot like climbing a mountain. Your vision will get you to your summit, even when every step is a struggle.”

“You have to crack the business model really early on or there will be too much pushing back as you grow.”

“If you’re a start-up, think about the exit. Investors want to know your plan.”

“Don’t plan things to death, come up with an MVP – a Minimum Viable Product – and get it out there.”

Dominiquetrix NAC2017

Dominique Grubisa, Lawyer, Property Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

“The 2% do what the 98% don’t.”

“If you knew you could not lose, who’d bite off more than you can chew and chew like crazy?”

“What is the greatest means to control when it comes to wealth? Become what Rockefeller called a ‘man of straw’ – someone who owns nothing but controls everything.”

“We haven’t noticed how far into debt we’ve gone. We’re just treading water but there’s going to be a day of reckoning.”

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