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Tony Robbins & Australia – why the feeling is mutual

Tony Robbins with fan

Tony Robbins has been making the long trip to Oz for over 25 years, we just won’t let him stay away.

He’s also made a lot of friends here in that time and, you know, it’s Australia – he found a special place in his heart for the place and acquired a home on the Gold Coast.

He holds his own events here of course such as; Unleash the Power Within [you probably know that one], Business Mastery and even more in past years.

But he also headlines Success Resources events with multiple speakers – in Brisbane just a couple of weeks ago he wowed 5,000 attendees – many who had never experienced “The Tony Factor”.

And most recently his magnum opus, Date with Destiny impacted 1,600 Aussie [& beyond] lives…

We’d like to share a couple of flashbacks from his last 2 Aussie events

At the National Achievers Congress in Brisbane mid-May…

Tony Robbins at NAC Brisbane 2018

And his own Date with Destiny in Cairns a week later

Tony Robbins - Date with Destiny 2018

Celebration onstage - Date with Destiny 2018

Group bonding - Date with Destiny 2018

Man cheering - Date with Destiny 2018

– and also a lesson from Day 2 of DWD.

[from Tony’s own Instagram]

Everyone of us has a STORY.

Human beings have been telling stories for thousands of years. From the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita, to Aesop’s fables, novels, and Hollywood films, STORIES are the heart of humanity; it’s how we make sense of life and assign meaning to events.

So what’s the STORY you tell yourself every day?

On Day 2 of #DateWithDestiny we examined the power of OUR LIFE STORIES — the NARRATIVEs we live out, the ROLEs we play, and the handful of dominant EMOTIONs we go-to most often that together, define our IDENTITY.

What’s the STORY of YOUR LIFE?

Is it a heroic story — do you prevail against stiff odds 💪. Or an action adventure💥? Many choose a romance (or the search for it) as their life story❤️. Maybe it’s a comedy filled with jokes and laughs 😂, or a melodrama of adversity and affliction that define you as the victim.


Like any playwright, each one of us creates a SCRIPT that dictates the emotions we live by, where we’ve been, where we’re going, who we are and who we’re becoming.

How do you change the story of your life?

Simple. The difference is emotional fitness ❤️💪; the primary emotions you choose to live by and the meanings you make.

Meaning = Emotion. Emotion = Life.

What are the THREE primary emotions you want to live out each day?

What are your personal POWER VIRTUES?

Courage, Joy, Boldness, Love, Faith, Determination, Passion, Compassion…

What is life about in your NEW story?

Who are you in the NEW story?

What can you make happen?

What do you get to enjoy with these three new dominant emotions?

How does life turn out in the new story because you transformed?

What do you celebrate 🎉?


What IS Tony up to next in Australia?

The event, or perhaps more accurately, the life-changing weekend that Tony has presented for the longest time in Australia is his Unleash the Power Within – with hundreds of thousands of Aussies [never mind the millions worldwide] experiencing their own personal, profound breakthroughs starting with a walk across glowing coals!

His next UPW will be at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney this September – his biggest here by far – and it will be massive, in scale and in impact.

It’s incredibly educational and transformational – but also a lot of fun! And the best time to ensure your best place there is now.

Tony Robbins - Unleash the Power Within



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