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The “Abraham Mindshift”


Jay Abraham is the world’s leading marketing authority and business growth strategist. Over the last 25 years Jay has increased the bottom lines of over 10,000 clients in more than 400 industries worldwide by $9.4 Billion, and is listed by Forbes as one of the USA’s Top 5 Executive Coaches.

Jay has acted as advisor and mentor to experts from Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey and Brian Tracy to many members of the Fortune 500.

He applies a multitude of strategies and methodologies – but, for Jay, it all starts with what he calls The “Abraham Mindshift”.

Here’s a couple of good examples of this style of thinking:



A chiropractor came to one of Jay’s programs and learned about the Abraham Mind Shift.

He went out and he used his new ability to see more possibilities to create a very successful joint venture.

He lived in an area near a large national forest. Every year that national forest had to pay people to haul away the pine needles that fell from the trees. He basically figured out that pine needles turned into mulch was a great fertilizer, but most people didn’t see that.

First he did a joint venture with a trucking firm. He found a trucking firm that went right past the national forest delivering, but they were going back dead-ended. He made a deal with them where they would take pine needles and deliver them to him for no fee, but for a percentage of revenue he would later get.

He found a big used car lot that was unoccupied where the trucks could drop off the pine needles. He made a deal with them where they let him access their space for no fee, but for a share of the revenue he would soon realize.

He went to the National Park Service, and he underbid the company who was hauling the pine needles away and disposing of them. He underbid it by 50%, because he figured out how to take the pine needles, turn them to mulch, have someone bring it there, put it on this yard, and sell it – he made $300,000 the first year, and his success continued.



In 1972 a young man worked as a page at the Democratic convention where George McGovern was nominated to run for President against Richard Nixon.

During the convention, Senator McGovern was forced to drop his first choice to be his vice-presidential running mate, Senator Eagleton. The young, 16-year-old entrepreneur saw a one-time opportunity and bought up 5,000 suddenly obsolete McGovern-Eagleton buttons and bumper stickers. He paid five cents apiece for them. He soon resold them as historical and rare political memorabilia for as much as $25 per item.

This is an excellent example of shifting your mind to see opportunities where others see just problems. True, the young man’s onetime windfall profit did not result in a major industry breakthrough. But what is important is that he had the opportunity focused attitude and a 3-dimensional point of view that is needed to see an opportunity where no one else did.

That young man, by the way, was Bill Gates. Yeah, that Bill Gates.



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