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Friday Link Pack Vol.5

Drone Awards 2018

This week’s selection of what’s happening now that you didn’t know you needed to know


The Drone Photo awards will amaze you
An oddity just a couple of years ago, drone photography is now giving us some of the most breath-taking views of our world today

Xbox One Adaptive Controller Gets Truly Accessible Packaging
Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced the Xbox Adaptive Controller, a peripheral that allows those with disabilities to take part in their favourite games. It’s really incredible based on what we’ve seen thus far; and now the publisher is going the extra mile to assure that anyone who purchases the controller can get right into it and enjoy it.

Thousands of luminous spheres: The glory days of NZ infomercials
One for the Kiwis among us – Remember being off sick from school and having nothing to watch once breakfast television ended? A tribute to the stars of NZ’s most iconic infomercials.


9 Things People Accidentally Do That Make Their Mondays Unproductive
Are you productive or unproductive? What a question – but wait, do you do any of these ‘accidental’ things?

Success Hack: Touch the Dream
How do you get yourself excited about your goals? Michael Lane says to be around what you want and what you want to become.


5 Creative Ways to Increase How Much You Earn
There’s an old saying in business that instructs, “You don’t get paid what you deserve. You get paid what you negotiate.”


What is bootstrapping and why should I do it?
Bootstrapping is something often talked about, but it’s likely many current or aspiring startup founders & business owners don’t have a full grasp on what exactly the concept entails.

Right now is your best opportunity to commit to your life at a new level.
Tony Robbins will be exploding onto the Qudos Bank Arena stage in 49 days – that gives you time to make all your arrangements.
Need to organise accommodation? There are a number of hotels close to the venue, download the Factsheet here for options.

Want the best value?
If you’re going to take your life to the next level, it’s vital to make a commitment to living a more energised and healthy life.
You can join the 10,000 who’ll walk on fire & turn fear into power at Tony’s biggest UPW ever at Qudos Bank Arena. The life you’re meant to lead starts here & now: Book last seats from $1,095 – offers end Friday, July 27.

Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within Sydney September 2018

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