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“Don’t walk on the grass” “Exit only” “Don’t smoke here”

How many times have you seen a sign, ignored it, and done the thing you’ve been explicitly told not to do?

The unconscious mind can’t handle the word “don’t.” It’s like the concept doesn’t compute. The math doesn’t make sense.

For instance, when you say to yourself “Don’t fail,” you’re giving your brain nearly infinite ideas to ponder over.

…Infinity minus one, to be precise. (The one being “don’t fail.”)

Not very good odds.

Because your brain can’t possibly comprehend all of these possibilities, it focuses on the one thing you have given it: failing.

You end up focusing on the one thing you didn’t want to focus on.

The irony.

What would happen if you changed “I don’t want to fail” to “I want to succeed”?

It would be like changing “don’t think of a blue tree” to “think of a blue tree.”

World #1 life & business strategist, Tony Robbins, puts it this way: “Where focus goes, energy flows”

The most powerful way to control focus is through the use of questions. For whatever you ask, your brain provides an answer; whatever you look for, you’ll find.

If you ask, “Why is this person taking advantage of me?” you’re going to focus on how you’re being taken advantage of, whether it’s true or not.

If you ask, “How can I turn this around?” you’ll get a more empowering answer.

Questions are one of the most powerful and simple ways to change the way you’re feeling about virtually anything, and thus change the direction of your life at a moment’s notice.

So, instead of saying “Don’t”, start asking yourself the right questions and gain the key to unlocking your unlimited potential.

But don’t believe me.

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