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Naomi Simson shares her thoughts on The Generosity Gene

It’s part of our history and humanity and something we all think we could be better at. And it can make people feel wonderful, including ourselves. The RedBalloon founder & Shark Tank “Shark” gives a moving, personal and emotional journey into her experiences with this subject. Naomi ends by putting forward a simple challenge that’s […]

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Would more money make you work harder?

A study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s Research Centre for Behavioural Economics and Decision‐Making tested the difference in worker output based on varying levels of monetary reward. Experiments were conducted at MIT, the University of Chicago, and rural India. Subjects worked on different tasks and received performance‐contingent payments that varied in amount from […]

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Robert Kiyosaki shoots a sacred cow

“If financial literacy were a school subject Australia would get a C–.” That bombshell was dropped recently by Fairfax journalist and high-profile money educator Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon. She adds, “Poor financial literacy often condemns people to a lifetime of debt and insecurity, even if they earn a good income. That bombshell was dropped recently by Fairfax […]

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