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Walking on fire: Lessons for entrepreneurs

Yuliya Chernykhovskaya, Business Strategist This past weekend I attended Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins. There I was, Thursday night, chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” supporting my fellow peers as we conquered our fears and experienced the incredible power of the mind, as we walked over 1150°C coals. To my surprise, I woke up the […]

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The Biggest Misconception about the Success Mindset

While the success mindset does include approaching things with a positive attitude, associating the mindset with being positive is actually a misleading idea that usually leads to people failing to achieve meaningful, long-term results from their self-development programs and efforts. In order to get a firm grasp on the success mindset (and to be able […]

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Starting an eCommerce Business – no money down

How to Get Started in E-Commerce without upfront capital As Freelancer CEO, Matt Barrie, the ‘godfather of outsourcing’, says; “every business is an internet business in some way, shape or form.”1Of course, you can’t launch any new business without incurring some start-up costs – but with some canny planning you can set up an ecommerce […]

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Australia ranks #2 in the 2015 Female Entrepreneurship Index

Now in its third year, the Female Entrepreneurship Index is the world’s most comprehensive diagnostic tool that measures high potential female entrepreneurship by analysing entrepreneurial ecosystems, business environments, and individual aspirations across 77 developed and developing economies. Spanning multiple regions, the FEI’s systematic approach serves as a future-oriented tool to guide leaders, policymakers, and law-makers […]

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