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Turia Pitt – The Inspirational Achiever


Born in Tahiti before migrating to Australia at age three, Turia went on to earn her double degree with honours in Mining Engineering and Science from the University of New South Wales.

Turia was working for Rio Tinto at their prestigious Argyle Diamond Mine when life was turned upside down in September 2011. While competing in an ultra-marathon in the Kimberley region, she became trapped by a grassfire that left her with serious burns to 65 percent of her body.

Turia soon began the painful journey of recovery and rehabilitation. Although the journey continues to this day, she doesn’t shy away from challenge.

Since the fire, Turia has embarked on numerous challenges such as studying for her MBA, trekking Peru & the Great Wall of China and competing in Iron Man events.



Turia competes at the 2016 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii – pic:

“If you’re not across what an Ironman involves, basically you swim 3.8km, then cycle 180km and finish it all off with a 42km marathon! Yeah … it’s a bit mad!” – Turia Pitt

Less than a month after completing her first Ironman she took on the challenge of the Kokoda Trail. Her toughest test was on the first day – “It was so hot,” says Pitt, who has undergone more than 100 operations. “Because of my burns I find it hard to regulate my temperature and even though we only walked for two hours it was the hardest day.”

Turia walked the historic trail, significant to Australians for the unforgiving battles played out there between the Allies and Japan during World War II, with others for medical charity Interplast.


As their official ambassador, Turia has raised around $1,000,000 for Interplast

“Before the fire, I felt so blessed to live in Australia. But it was only afterwards that I realised how bloody lucky we are to live here. If my accident had happened in a developing country, there’s no question – I would have died. That’s what drives me to be Interplast’s ambassador. Thousands of people in developing countries can’t afford access to basic medical care.”

In her role Turia was scheduled to lead a fund-raising trek to Mount Everest base camp but pulled when faced with yet another, new challenge – becoming mother to baby Hakavai!


How to Eat an Elephant

She is asked a lot about what it takes to set and achieve big goals like Ironman. When we set a really big, scary goal, one that seems impossible, it’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the distance between where we are now and where we need to be to achieve it.

But, have you ever heard that old saying “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer; one bite at a time.

Three of her biggest lessons in the lead up to her first Ironman:

1. Consistency is key
What I’m learning time and time again is that success is really all about consistency. When it comes to training, it’s not about flogging yourself. The ‘no pain, no gain’ philosophy doesn’t work for the long game. But showing up every day and taking small consistent steps towards the goal does work.
It’s the same with so many of the goals that we set for ourselves. Whether we want to lose weight, run a marathon, finish a University degree, get out of debt or build a new business … it all comes down to consistency.

2. You have truly unlimited potential
I’ve learnt that we are so much more capable than we realise – the bottom line is, if you do the work, you’re gonna get to where you wanna go.

3. You gotta celebrate the small stuff!
I congratulate myself for showing up to train every single day – each session I do, even the terrible ones, every step I take towards the Ironman start line, I celebrate. “When you choose to take on a challenge, you are choosing to show up in your life – that demands celebration!”


“Keep working at it and don’t forget to look back to see how far you’ve come.” – Turia Pitt




Turia joins the National Achievers Congress headliners

Turia published her memoirs in 2013, has graced numerous pages of magazines, runs a successful motivational speaking business and gives passionately and selflessly to causes she cares about.

Now she joins Tony Robbins and the cream of local and international achievers to share their breakthrough strategies in business, wealth creation, health, fulfilment & more. Find out more.




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