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Make sure you make the most of a holiday

Vacations can be expensive. First you have the actual expense of the trip – which could easily run to over $1,000 per person or $4 to $5 grand for a family of four. And the pressure to shell out for the best vacation ever – one to rival the Facebook and Instagram feeds of our friends – can compel us to make unwise financial decisions.

Then you have the difficulty of getting away from work

According to Forbes, only 25% of Americans took all their paid vacation days last year and 61% of said they continue to work while on vacation.

To really ‘be there’ you need to disconnect from work pressures and reconnect with those closest to you.

Don’t let the dollar value determine your appreciation of a vacation

Taking time to make lasting memories with the ones that you love is vital to living a fulfilled life. It’s not the amount you can afford to spend – or even the health of your bank account – that determines your wealth. It’s the magic moments that you create and the gratitude you cultivate that determines your wealth.


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