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8 Great Reasons to do the City2Surf

The Sun-Herald City2Surf is the World’s Largest Fun Run, with over 80,000 starters, and it’s back on Sunday, August 12! From the elite athlete, to the fit family, to the fabulous fundraisers, it’s a fantastic day filled with laughs.

The first run was held in 1971 with just over 2,000 entrants running a 15.1km course starting at the Town Hall – that’s been trimmed to 14km, perhaps to the relief of entrants.

Last year attracted the event’s 2 millionth entrant – we don’t know the age of the youngest but in 2003 a 99 year old man finished – in 188 minutes.

Many overseas runners have broken the tape at the finish but Australia leads the way with Steve Moneghetti the record holder at 40:03 and with a record 4 wins. Aussie Rob de Castella close behind with a 40:08 win in 1981.

But it’s not called a ‘Fun Run’ for nothing

Although, as the saying goes, you never regret a workout – we can think of a whole host of other reasons to get you involved this year as well.

1. So you can tick it off your bucket list

Like the Running of the Bulls, Dia de los Muertos, Burning Man or Carnaval, City2Surf is a national pastime; a huge cultural event that is synonymous with Sydney. Almost everyone you speak to has this fun run on their bucket list – it’s just something that has to be done.

Find the biggest, blackest Sharpie you have, because by doing City2Surf, you’re about to cross off one major event on your bucket list! Go You!

2. A fabulous reason to buy new active wear

It’s probably obvious that a good pair of shoes is absolutely mandatory for City2Surf’s 14km track. So, if your existing sneakers aren’t up to scratch, permission is granted to start shopping. The last thing you want during a run is to feel the pang of sore, unsupported feet. If you’re a runner or long distance walker, you know how easy it is to get ailments like plantar fasciitis. Even the common blister can be crippling.

So, be kind to your feet. [a good excuse to get something snazzy]

Also: When you do the City2Surf, you will get noticed. We’ve all seen the photos of individual runners in quirky, fun costumes, or groups dressing in a theme to raise money for charity. Then there’s the fitness hotties looking amazing in the latest sports gear, or the hardcore pros in their latest tech-enhanced gear.

#Selfies and images are splashed across newspapers, Instagram and Facebook. So if you feel like you deserve a new crazy wig or the latest in pressure-sensitive, smartphone compatible gear, we totally understand.

3. The home-gazing

No, really – this is surprisingly satisfying. City2Surf’s track winds through some of Sydney’s most affluent and aesthetically appealing suburbs, so for those who love home design and architecture, the view is a knockout. House-gazing is a real thing and those afflicted with this obsession will know exactly what the City2Surf course means: prime home-design viewing opportunities.

All the “Bays” that we love heading to on weekends for a good home-design-looksee are on the City2Surf route. From the coveted art deco apartments of Rushcutters Bay, to the stately homes housed in streets lined with huge Jacarandas of Double Bay, to the mid-century masterpieces of Rose Bay.

Find yourself finishing the course in Bondi, home to pastel-painted townhouses, sleek modern architecturally-designed apartments blocks, and the kitsch bungalows of yesteryear. City2Surf truly is a house-watchers delight.

4. The celebration for when you cross the finish line

You’ve finished the race. You’re ecstatic, exhausted and packed with adrenaline. There’s nothing quite like the sense of camaraderie and community that takes place after City2Surf, so here are a few ways to enjoy the hours after the hard work is done.

• Fist pump, high five and even hug any willing participants who are sharing in your moment of achievement
• Share the moment with your tribe. More hugs here as well
• Selfie that moment. Take a few pics to capture the moment and share using #City2Surf
• Go home and take the best relaxing bath of your life using lavender oil and Epsom salts
• Go get pampered; hit up your favourite day spa for a treatment, you little legend you
• Chuck on some compression socks, get daggy and relax
• Go to a local venue and revel with your fellow superstars (but don’t hit the celebratory bevvies too hard. Remember to warm down, eat and hydrate before any alcohol)
• Warm down by walking amongst your fellow runners; walk, stretch and keep moving to let your heart rate drop and muscles relax steadily

5. You get bragging rights

It’s Monday morning. Your colleague asks you what you did on the weekend. After listening to them talk about how they relaxed and binge-watched on Netflix, you casually say that you ran City2Surf, thank you very much.

You then drop the mic, turn and walk away, and are worshipped by Sharon in HR for the rest of the day.

6. Because you never regret getting this fit

Things you always regret: Waiting too long to put petrol in the car, getting frosted tips in the 90s, and eating the entire tub of ice cream.

Things you often regret: Burritos, not buying something when it was on sale, missing the latest Game of Thrones episode.

Things you never regret: Saying I love you to family and friends, buying something when it was on sale, City2Surf.

7. Because after the run, you can eat all the carbs in the world and no one can say anything to you

A little-known fact about participating in City2Surf is that you incur total immunity from carb-scoffing. Having participated in City2Surf, whether you run it, walk it or wheel it, if anyone dares to look at you sideways because of your pasta, schnitzel or your party-size bag of smarties, all you have to do is say “I did the City2Surf.” This should provide instant silence and the cessation of sidewards glancing instantaneously.

8. You can raise bucket loads for Charity

We’ve all seen the photos of happy City2Surf groups in fun, crazy costumes raising money for a good cause. And it works – over $4 million has been raised for charities in a single event.

While you don’t have to be crazy (but it helps – ha ha) one thing that really adds to your sense of achievement is knowing you’re helping a deserving charity!

Australian athlete, mindset coach & all-round legend Turia Pitt invites you be part of our City2Surf team, “Unleash the Runner Within”.

Turia and Success Resources Australia want you to get the most out of the challenge, excitement and fun while also helping a life-changing charity.

In a series of weekly videos leading right up to the event, Turia brings “Unleash the Runner Within” members advice & strategies drawing on her own challenges and extraordinary triumphs.

From why you should invest in your health & fitness to beating negative habits, she breaks down the steps to hitting your personal City2Surf goals.

All money raised goes to Interplast

Interplast is an organisation that offers free reconstructive surgery to people in need in the Asia-Pacific region & Turia Pitt has been a proud ambassador for nearly 5 years.

There are a lot of reasons to join Team “Unleash the Runner Within” – but the most important is your own.




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